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Racing LeaguesEdit

IFCA Racing - IFCA Wiki

ETCC Racing - ETCC Wiki

Finish Line Racing - FLR

Forza Racing League

Forza 3 Racing League


Race Shop World Series - RWS

Forza All Star Car Association Racing Series - FASCARS 


Forza Racing Club - FRC

The Racing Charity of Online Motorsports- RCOM

Race Department - RDCCC

Virtual Motorsports Racing League - VMRL 

Forza Competitive Racing Championships - FCRC

Australian Forza Motorsport - OzFM

Driving ClubsEdit

Time Racing Club -  TRC

Veni Vidi Vici -  VVV

Exodus Racing - EXOR

PLOP Racing - PLOP 

TNT Motorsports - TNT

PLOW Motorsport - PLOW

Esprit Racing Team JVE

American Racing Club - ARC

Mach Racing 360 - MR 

For The Win - FTW

RpM - RpM

Super Donkey Rider - SDR 


Death Squad Belgium- DSB 

Hard Luck Racing - HLR 

American Muscle Racing Institution - AMRI


Advanced Performance Racing - APR

FPP Racing - FPP 

Eurowerks - Ewk 

Ezt Motorsports - EZT 

Racing Sport International - RSI 

&clan=2old4Forza 2old4Forza

Wire to Wire Racing - WWR

V12 Racing - V12 

No Limits Racing - NLR

PBTurbo - PBT 

Tradition Racing Club 

Vision 2 Control - V2C 

Simple Perfection Racing - SPR

Team Eibach Racing - TER

Drift TeamsEdit

Doing it Sideways - DIS

Do Work Incorporated - DWI

Silver OoKAMI - SO 

Negative Camber - NC 

Intensify'D Motorsports - ID

Smoke N Flow - SnF Driftech- DRFT 

Blackfog Racing 

TribalBoyz - TB

Team Aftermath - AFTR

Tuning ShopsEdit

GEARBOX - GB - Est. September 2007

AG Tuning - AG 

Azzuri Tuning - AZT

Engineering Innovations - EI 

Racing Dynamics - RDX

787 Tuning - 787

Slo Poke Tuning - SLO

Tweaky Tuned

Nitrous Oxide Garage - NoG

S&R Tuning 

Naughty Boy Tuning - NBT

APEX Tuning

Spot Performance

FG Tuning - FG 

Tanjent Tuning


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