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On the main Forza Motorsport discs you'll find over 100 different track layouts throughout 19 unique locations worldwide, once which you can drive the many cars. On the day of release Turn 10 announced that there will be 2 additional locations with another 30 layouts available as free DLC.
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Career ModeEdit

The career mode will span consist of seasons over 6 years. It is made up from a selection of over 200 events and which events you chose to race in ultimately deceide what other events will open up to you.
Career Mode Info

Level RewardsEdit

In all modes of the game, as you race and complete events you accrue experience points which up your driver level to the max of 50. At every level you are rewarded with a car.
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You can find detailed information on all of Forza 3's 220 events including individual races, car restrictions, opponents, and more.
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Fans of Forza pride ourselves on our sense of community and that is shown in the abundance of fan created sites. Be it drifting, racing, tuning or painting there is a group out there for everyone.
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