This is the complete list of events within Forza Motorsports 3


Asian Open

European Open

All-American Open

FWD Open

RWD Open

AWD Open

Two-Door Challenge

Three-Door Challenge

Four-Door Challenge

Five-Door Challenge


Super Mini Road Test

American Muscle Showdown

Asian Elite Open

Coupe Road Test 1

Inline 4 Showcase

French Elite Invitational

Saloon Road Test 1

Normal Aspiration Run-Off

RWD Elite Open

Hot Hatch Road Test

Boosted Proving Grounds

Mid-Engine Elite Open

SUV Road Test

Six-Cylinder Fast & Fun

North American Elite Open

Coupe Road Test 2

Ultralight Showdown

German Elite Invitational

Saloon Road Test 2

Executive Car Open

British Elite Invitational

Coupe Road Test 3

Eight-Cylinder Supreme GT

AWD Elite Open

Supercar Road Test

Ten-Cylinder Salute

Italian Elite Open

Prototype Road Test

12-Cylinder Flagship Trophy


Integra Owner's Meeting

Peugeot Racing Club

Firebird Trans Am Track Days

World Sub-Compact Shoot-Out

Civic vs. Golf

Hyundai Owner's Meeting

Sweden Club

Focus Track Days

American Muscle Shoot-Out

Celica vs. Silvia

Mitsubishi Owner's Meeting

V-Dub Club

Chrysler Track Days

Euro Hatch Shoot-Out

Tarmac Rally

Skyline Owner's Meeting

Vauxhall Racing Club

Pontiac Track Days

Lightweight Sport Showdown

Mustang vs. Camaro

Subaru Owner's Meeting

Lotus Club

Mustang Track Days

Germany SUV Shoot-Out

Supra vs. Fairlady Z

Honda Acura Owner's Meeting


Ford Track Days

JDM Import 90's Shoot-Out

German Sport-Line Challenge

Mazda Owner's Meeting

BMW Owner's Club

Chevrolet Track Days

Speedster Shoot-Out

NSX vs. Skyline

Fairlady Z Cup

Audi Club

Corvette Track Days

Premium Sedan Shoot-Out

Fastest Fleet Shoot-Out

Nissan Infiniti Owner's Club

Mercedes-Benz Owner's Club

Dodge Track Days

Prestigious Coupe Shoot-Out

Ferrari vs. Porsche

Toyota Lexus Owner's Meeting

Porsche Club

Viper Track Days

Ultimate Speed Shoot-Out

Lamborghini vs. Ferrari


Puma 150HP Run-Off

Class F Pre-'00 Asian Tour

Class F Euro Tour

Class F North American Tour

Recaro 200HP Run-Off

Class F Post-'00 Asian Tour

Class E Euro Tour

Class E North American Tour

Bilstein 250 HP Run-Off

Class E Pre-'03 Asian Tour

Class D Euro Tour

Class D North American Tour

Toyo 300HP Run-Off

Class E Post-'03 Asian Tour

Class C Euro Tour

Class C North American Tour

Sparco 350HP Run-Off

Class D Pre-'00 Asian Tour

Class B Euro Tour

Class B North American Tour

BBS 400HP Run-Off

Class D Post-'00 Asian Tour

Class A Euro Tour

Class A North American Tour


Class C Asian Tour

Class S Euro Tour

Class S North American Tour

Bridgestone 500HP Run-Off

Class B Asian Tour

Class R3 Euro Tour

Class R3 North American Tour

MOTUL 600HP Run Off

Class S Asian Tour

Class R2 Euro Tour

Class R2 North American Tour

The K&N 700HP Challenge

Class R2 Asian Tour

Class R1 Euro Tour

Class R1 North American Tour


Yaris S Trophy

Aussie Touring Car Showdown

Class F World Tour

MX-5 Miata Trophy

Porsche 911 GT3 Showdown

Class E World Tour

Abarth 500 ESSEESSE Trophy

German Racing Car Showdown

Class D World Tour

Mini John Cooper Works Cup

American GT3 Invitational

Class C World Tour

Hyundai Genesis Coupe Tour

GT3 Invitational

Class B World Tour

F355 Challenge Trophy

GT2 Invitational

Class A World Tour

Murcielago LP640 Trophy

Japanese GT Invitational

Class S World Tour

Porsche 911 GT3 Trophy

Dream Match Showdown

Class R3 World Tour

Ferrari F430 Trophy

GT1 Invitational

Class R2 World Tour

FXX Trophy

LMP Invitational

Class R1 World Tour


Class F Speedway Challenge

Class E Speedway Challenge

Class D Speedway Challenge

Class C Speedway Challenge

Class B Speedway Challenge

Class A Speedway Challenge

Class S Speedway Challenge

Class R3 Speedway Challenge

Class R2 Speedway Challenge

Class R1 Speedway Challenge

Drag RaceEdit

250HP FWD Shoot-Out

300HP FWD Shoot-Out

350HP RWD Shoot-Out

400HP AWD Shoot-Out

450HP RWD Shoot-Out

500HP AWD Shoot-Out

550HP AWD Shoot-Out

600HP AWD Shoot-Out

650HP RWD Shoot-Out

700HP RWD Shoot-Out

Closed CourseEdit

Fujimi Kaido Class F Series

Class F Super Lap Days

Amalfi Class E Series

Class E Super Lap Days

Nurburgring Class D Series

Class D Super Lap Days

Fujimi Kaido Class C Series

Class C Super Lap Days

Amalfi Class B Series

Class B Super Lap Days

Nurburgring Class A Series

Class A Super Lap Days

Fujimi Kaido Class S Series

Class S Super Lap Days

Amalfi Class R3 Series

Class R3 Super Lap Days

Nurburgring Class R2 Series

Class R2 Super Lap Days

Fujimi Kaido Class R1 Series

Class R1 Super Lap Days


34 Laps Road Atlanta

130 KMS Circuit de Catalunya

134 KMS Twin Ring Motegi

160 KMS Silverstone GP

32 Laps Mugello

169 KMS Suzuka Circuit

31 Laps Sebring Intl Raceway

128 Miles Road America

17 Laps Circuit de la Sarthe

187 KMS Nordschleife


Class F World Championship

Class E World Championship

Class D World Championship

Class C World Championship

Class B World Championship

Class A World Championship

Class S World Championship

Class R3 World Championship

Class R2 World Championship

Class R1 World Championship

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